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August 17, 2011 / Notmaker

Oh, Now We’re Voting on Her Hair-color…

So apparently, the first vote was for hair-style only (h/t Kotaku), despite the different-colored hair and not all the faces and skin-color being the same….

I am totally cool with the idea of FB voting for this kind of thing (since 75% of the players are going to re-design their Shepard, anyway), but this is really starting to feel like they didn’t have this one planned out that well (or, for the conspiracy theorists, planned it just well enough to get folks to choose the one they wanted anyways ;P ).  Granted, at this point in the process, there’s not a lot of good financial reasons to get more scientific than they need to be, but am I the only one who thinks that the re-color job on the art just looks kind of bad in the larger images?

Of course, I’m also in the extreme minority who thinks that EA should offer a just-in-time premium printing version of the box art where people can pay an additional $75 to get a picture of their own Shepard from ME2 on their ME3 box art.

What can I say, I like shiny personalized things!


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