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November 11, 2010 / Notmaker

New Netflix PS3 Interface Not Quite Enough to Dump XBLive Sub…But Close

Started using (one of) the new Netflix PS3 disk-less interfaces a couple weeks ago.  It’s buggy, it crashes more than I’m comfortable with, even for a free app, and every time I watch a video, I have to exit out to the application’s home screen to be able to browse again if I’m in the mood for more.

However, PS3 users now have:

  • Movies arranged in a grid layout with rows so you can easily see what’s available quickly
  • Lightning fast pre-loading of HD streams (2-3 seconds compared to the 15-20 seconds on the 360 application)
  • The ability to search for individual movies (without crashing)

There are actually three different PS3 interfaces that are being tested now (h/t Engadget), but they all apparently have these key features, none of which are currently built into the 360 interface.  Combined with Netflix and Sony cracking that strange upscaling problem for older videos only available in 480i, and the 360 application’s hold on this particular bit of the video-streaming market is looking a lot shakier (especially with the new XBLive Gold price hike).


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