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October 8, 2010 / Notmaker

Capcom Launches Awesome NYC Okamiden Contest

As part of the media run-up to the US launch of Okamiden, Capcom’s new Okami game for the DS, Capcom has started a brand new contest in New York City.  According to the official Facebook page, Okamiden’s new protagonist, Chibiterasu, is lost on the streets of the Big Apple!  You can help find Chibi by looking for special posters with his description, taking a picture of it with yourself, and posting on their Facebook wall.

The phone number goes to recording that restates the stuff on the poster, and presumably, contest winners will be able to pick up their prizes at the Capcom table at NY Comic Con.

First three posters will win…”a mini Chibi keychain plush”?

Well, okay, so the prize isn’t that awesome.  But that poster is goshdarn adorable.

(h/t Kotaku)


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